• Image of Bideanan, Greabhal and Beyond

This is an original aquatint, hand-inked and printed on an antique cast iron press.
A Coastal hill range on the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides.

Name: Bideanan, Greabhal and Beyond
Image size: 15cm x 15cm approx
Edition size: 25
Paper: Somerset

To create the image a metal plate was coated with a fine resin dust to create an acid-resist. The metal plate was placed in an acid bath, and varnish was painted onto the plate. This process was repeated in stages to create different tonal values. The exposed areas of metal are bitten away by the acid, forming tiny recesses that can hold different amounts of ink.

For each print, the metal plate is hand-inked and wiped then pulled through an etching press under high pressure, As the inking process is completed by hand, each print has slight variations – a unique piece of art.

Lorraine Tolmie © All Rights Reserved

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