Most of my artwork is inspired by the natural world. I love animals, birds, flowers, wild landscapes, the sea. Some of my art is realistic, based on direct observation or a memory of a place. Some is fantastical, originating from a single line, abstract shape, or an eye that takes on form and life as I continue to draw and paint.

As life escalates into a digital age, I find myself drawn towards traditional processes such as intaglio printmaking. The process of etching is especially meditative. It is extremely satisfying to work through each stage by hand, every decision having an effect on the outcome. When I began experimenting with etching I was amazed by its potential to transform a simple drawing into something more detailed, tactile and layered. I love the crispness of the etched line, the contrasting painterly strokes of aquatint, and the soft velvety burnished areas. Etching is a mix of methodical and intuitive processes and the result can never be totally predicted. There is a great sense of anticipation when the paper is lifted from the plate to reveal the first proof.

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